New Nordic Design Thinking

    New Nordic Design Thinking

    A hands-on research workshop.

    Based on the Nordic tradition of holistic, democratic and inclusive design, a new Nordic idea of Design Thinking has potential to re-vitalise design and its influence in society. We bring together researchers from Design Cultures, Participatory Innovation, and Design Management to develop this idea. In this workshop we invite you to investigate the viability of such a New Nordic Design Thinking practice based on two case studies: The design of ‘young lamps’ for an iconic Scandinavian lamp manufacturer, and the re-design of a pedestrian street in Kolding.

    Questions to explore:

    • What is a ‘simple form’ in the digital age?
    • Does everybody want to design?
    • Who’s cultural ideals count?
    • How do we combine global with local?


    • Lecture: ‘New Nordic Cool’
    • Hands-on case activities
    • Participants formulate their key opinions
    • Plenum discussion

    The workshop is organised together with a talent programme of students from across faculties in the University of Southern Denmark.


    Jacob Buur, professor of user centred design

    Anders Munch, professor of design cultures

    Jette Lykke Jensen, assist. professor of design cultures

    Poul Rind Christensen, professor of design management

    Pie Geisby Erichsen, assist. professor of design management

    University of Southern Denmark

    Syddansk Universitet, Kolding, Danmark
    30/05, 14:00 - 16:00